Seeking and retaining great talent has always been a major goal of our organization. Our family of attorneys is the best Florida has to offer.


Established in Central Florida in 1931, the roots of Winderweedle, Haines, Ward & Woodman, P.A. are grounded in a sustaining reputation of dedicated legal service to individuals and businesses critical to the area's growth and its quality of life. Meet our accomplished group of partners and associates.

Jamie M. Blucher
Michael C. Caborn
Michael P. Carolan
Nicole Latham Carolan
JP “Rusty” Carolan, III
J.E. Cheek, III
Jere F. Daniels, Jr.
Ryan E. Davis
J. Jeffrey Deery
Brandon DeGel
Jessica Gavrich Espiritu
Gerrard L. Grant
Mya M. Hatchette
Greg L. Holzhauer
Neda Khosrowzadeh
Timothy J. Kiley
Amy C. Maitner
Craig A. Minegar
Heidi M. Mitchell
Heather S. Moraes
Haylee O’Dowd
Lauren Reynolds
C. Andrew Roy
Lionel E. Rubio
Randolph J. Rush
Bradley M. Saxton
Vanessa J. Skinner
Allison E. Turnbull
Harold A. Ward, III
Richard B. Weinman
W. Graham White
Jennifer A. Yasinsac