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Thunder Road – Accelerating Toward the Promised Land

Thunder Road – Accelerating Toward the Promised Land

In his iconic ballad “Thunder Road,” Bruce Springsteen sings of doubt and redemption. Understanding that he is “no hero,” Bruce croons for a better future. He pleads with Mary to stop “wasting her summer praying in vain” and, instead, to join him on Thunder Road. If only she would climb into his car, hit the accelerator, and speed with him toward the Promised Land.

In the business world, we can find ourselves stuck in neutral, too. How do we unshackle from the lingering doubts of the past? How do we generate new business for a better future? Stepping on the accelerator is a great first step.

What is an Accelerator?
An accelerator is a thing that speeds up your client opportunities. An accelerator has an exponential impact on future business. Accelerators lead manufacturers to develop new products, enable contractors to build new buildings, and usher hospitals into new communities. Accelerators transcend all lines of business.

Trust is a Must
One accelerator is earning trust. Once you have gained the trust of your client, other doors open quickly. A client who trusts your business to supply one product will come to you for another. A property manager who endears herself to a property owner will soon be managing other projects. Business people want professionals they trust to help them make important decisions. Trust is the currency used to purchase new opportunities. Who trusts you? How do you build on their trust?

Success Sells
Success is an accelerator. A media consultant who successfully navigates a client through troubled waters will receive referrals. Because success is transitive, opportunities can increase exponentially. A customer who perceives excellence in one department will assume that there is excellence throughout the organization. What is your latest success? How will you use that success to move forward?

Embrace Change
Change is an accelerator. Business people who rely on only one or two clients fear a client acquisition. However, change can be an accelerator. Change can turn one customer into two, or two customers into four. The opportunities to use change as an accelerator are limitless. Changing demographics can create new demands. A change in the law can create new markets in healthcare, tourism, or wealth management. What are the coming changes in your industry? How can you embrace those changes?

Thunder Road
In the last verse, Springsteen’s “Thunder Road” reaches a crescendo. Mary climbs in, Bruce rolls down the windows and they let the wind blow back their hair. They accelerate down Thunder Road toward the Promised Land. They were born to run. We can do the same in our business. Trust, success, and change are key accelerators. Rev up your engine in 2021.

J. Jeffrey Deery, Esquire