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The Power of Planning Podcast: Estate, Trust & Guardianship Disputes

The Power of Planning Podcast: Estate, Trust & Guardianship Disputes

In this episode of the Power of Planning podcast, Attorney Vanessa J. Skinner, welcomes her litigation partner, Attorney Trippe Cheek, to discuss the most common types of disputes involving estates, trusts, and guardianships, and spotlight some planning considerations to help mitigate the risk of disputes. Since the recording of this episode, Priscilla Presley has reached a confidential settlement regarding the petition she filed disputing the validity of an amendment to the estate plan of her late daughter, Lisa Marie Presley.

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This podcast is designed to educate and empower listeners by offering a detailed discussion of the various legal considerations associated with the planning process for all different types of planning, including estate planning, government benefits planning, special needs planning, retirement benefits planning, asset protection planning, tax planning, charitable giving planning, Veterans benefits planning, and planning for lifetime incapacity.

Vanessa Skinner, Esquire