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2021 Florida Sales Tax Rates for Commercial Tenants

2021 Florida Sales Tax Rates for Commercial Tenants

Update: Hillsborough County tax went down from 8% to 7% effective March 16, 2021. The business rent tax reductions are coming back – and stronger than ever.


The Florida sales tax rates on commercial leases remain unchanged for 2021.

In February of last year, the Florida legislature proposed a reduction on the rate of sales tax assessed on commercial leases from 5.5% to 5.4%. This would have been the 4th straight year that the tax would have been reduced. This reduction was eliminated from the final bill, along with a number of other proposed tax reductions and provisions, as an apparent response to reserve funds for the COVID-19 response.

Additionally, no changes have been made to the local option discretionary sales surtax. Those amounts will continue to be added to the state sales tax rate. The 2021 combined sales tax and discretionary sales surtax rate for several Florida counties are below:

Alachua County6.5%
Brevard County6.5%
Broward County6.5%
Duval County6.5%
Hillsborough County7.0%
Lake County6.5%
Lee County6.0%
Manatee County6.5%
Marion County6.5%
Miami-Dade County6.5%
Orange County6.0%
Osceola County7.0%
Palm Beach County6.5%
Pasco County6.5%
Pinellas County6.5%
Polk County6.5%
Sarasota County6.5%
Seminole County6.5%
St. Lucie County6.5%
Volusia County6.0%



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